About Gennexxt

What is Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network?

Who is Generation Nexxt ? We are the young running back who breaks his first tackle for the game winning touchdown; we are the passionate coaches sharing years of experience and wisdom into each malleable and eager young player; we are the enthusiastic parent on the sideline and in the stands proudly cheering and supporting their child's dream; we are the committed team of cheerleaders demonstrating our athleticism in every cheer, tumble, and stunt. Generation Nexxt  is the celebration of youth and family, the recognition of their athletic and academic achievements, and the triumph of community. Generation Nexxt  youth sports !

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide coverage of our youth, as well as, the families and communities that support them. Involving youth in athletics has proven to be one of the best environments to nurture the dreams of the “Nexxt” generation.  We are passionate about celebrating and sharing their journey !

About Gennexxt

Generation Nexxt is focused on covering the complete youth player: an athlete that embodies the passion to dominate on the field; the discipline and commitment to excel in the classroom, and most of all the character to represent their family; their community with integrity and honor. A star has many points and we consistently strive to shine our spotlight on those who reflect these points. 

Generation Nexxt is created, designed, produced and written for you and it will be about you. We are passionate about hearing and sharing your stories. We’ve made it easy for you to share your pictures and highlight videos. We partner with local businesses, major corporations and professional sports organizations to share those stories both in your local community and nationally. This is accomplished via our annual award-winning television broadcast, radio show, mobile platforms, social media and the worldwide web.  You achieve… we share it with the world! 

Your stories, your achievements ....You are Generation Nexxt !

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Beyond The Game
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Beyond The Game

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